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Who we are

In the ocean of hundreds of training institutes residing in Mumbai, Intuitive Embedded Tech emerges as a unique training Institute that provides complete Practical Oriented, Real-Time Industrial projects in the domain of Embedded Systems, Linux and IoT.

We are a team of passionate Researchers, Innovators and Consultants that wants to contribute something great and unique to the world.

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What we do

We help students to shape there career by providing Training in various latest technology such as Programming, Embedded System, and Linux domain. We also help students to gain knowledge and improve there skills by providing full time support for there academic projects.  Our industrial background gives us a unique advantage.

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Why Choose us

The key to success for any technology oriented company lies in its ability to adapt with the changes in times and its ability to offer innovative solutions using cutting edge technology. The fact that over the past years we have grown consistently both in terms of customer base and technology know how is only an indication that we are very much in touch with the times.

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