Linux Device Driver

About the Program
Many Linux professionals would like to write device drivers in Linux, but don’t know how to learn and understand the essentials of writing a driver. What is required at this point is a systematic approach towards learning the architecture of linux device driver model and how to interface the driver with the linux kernel as well as to the hardware device.

Our Linux device driver training course helps people learn, understand and develop their own Linux device driver, on a standard desktop PC architecture (on an x86/x8-64 hardware platform).

This intensive training course transforms an IT-Professional or a Student into a Linux Device Driver & Kernel Developer. The participant will develop a deep understanding of Linux device driver subsystem, how it interfaces with Linux kernel as well as various devices; Participant will also learn other kernel subsystems and skills necessary to do efficient programming in kernel mode in Linux.

Why Choose Us
We offer the best training in Linux System programming and give you many reasons to join us:

  • We have industry level experts as faculties who are experts in the realm of programming.
  • Interactive sessions which create an environment conducive to learning not making it a one-way process.
  • In-depth explanations about concepts and 1:1 interaction with student's.
  • full support even after completion of course also.

Course Intro
This programming course skims through the basics of Device Driver Concepts and Char Driver Introduction and soon jumps over to Advance topics of Char Device Driver which is essential for any Linux Device Driver Developer.
Course Duration
60 Hours
• Sound knowledge of C programming language.
• Sound knowledge of OS Concepts, and Linux System programming.
Target Audience
• Professionals and Students who are working in Linux Systems Programming Areas
• Linux developers and users who are interested in understanding the Linux Kernel Design & Implementation.
Fee, Schedule & Registration
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Course Outline

                                                                Course Outline

1. Introduction to Linux Kernel
2. Understanding Linux Kernel source Code and browsing using CScope
3. Introduction to device drivers
4. Loadable Kernel Modules
5. Character Drivers
6. Advanced character driver operations
7. Blocking IO using wait queue
8. Synchronization using Semaphore and Mutex, kernel lock etc.
9. Understanding /proc and /sys file system
10. Time and delay in kernel
11. Understanding jiffies in kernel
12. Interrupt handling in kernel and driver
13. Kernel Data-structure and linked list
14. Hardware communication using port IO and memory mapped IO
15. Advanced character driver operations
16. Writing own driver and adding it to Kernel source Tree.




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