About the Program

Python is a general-purpose language, which means it can be used to build just about anything, which will be made easy with the right tools/libraries.

Professionally, Python is great for backend web development, data analysis, artificial intelligence, and scientific computing. Many developers have also used Python to build productivity tools, games, and desktop apps, so there are plenty of resources to help you learn how to do those as well.

Why Choose Us
We offer the best training in Advance Python programming and give you many reasons to join us:

  • We have industry level experts as faculties who are experts in the realm of programming.
  • Interactive sessions which create an environment conducive to learning not making it a one-way process.
  • In-depth explanations about concepts and 1:1 interaction with student's.
  • full support even after completion of course also.

Course Intro
Aim of the course is to enable the students become expert systems programmers by mastering the fundamentals of python and systems approach to programming.Our Training will make the participant learn deep python secrets and develop a fairly advanced level of python programming expertise which is essential for any software engineer.
Course Duration
  • Basic Course: 32 hours
  • Advance Course: 16 hours

• Basic knowledge of computer with a deep desire to learn python programming in depth.<br/>
• Laptop with Windows installed.
Target Audience
• IT Professionals and/or Students who want to become a serious Developer.<br/>
• Experienced professionals preparing for Technical Interviews in Top IT Product MNCs.
Fee, Schedule & Registration
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Course Outline

                                                            Basic Python Course Topics

  1. Introduction to Python
  2. Industry uses of Python
  3. Development environment setup
  4. Data types
  5. Objects and built in functions
  6. Conditionals and Loops
  7. User defined functions
  8. File handling
  9. Python Modules and packages
  10. Exceptions
  11. Object oriented programing
  12. Database and Python
  13. Packages
  14. NumPy, SciPy, Matplotlib
  15. Pandas and data Analysis
  16. Mini Projects

                                            Extra Topics in Advance python course

  1. Scikit Learn and Machine Learning
  2. Flask micro web framework
  3. Django
  4. Basics of Big data and Hadoop
  5. Projects


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