PG-Diploma in Embedded System

About the Program
In today's world embedded system is everywhere from a small electronic device to the big industrial machine is working on the embedded system.
This is a complete course in Embedded system and Linux. The aim of this course is to transform any engineer into an embedded developer. Our customized training solutions enable the aspirants to think out of the box and come up with innovative solutions to meet the substantial needs of today's society. Our expertise covers basics of Micro-controller to ARM and Cortex Microcontroller Architecture, Interfacing various peripherals, C, C++, DS and Python programming which is Must for any Embedded Engineer and and finally understanding the OS concepts, Linux System and Kernel programming and Board-bring activity.
This power packed training covers all aspects and makes sure students become empowered for any Embedded firmware based project.
Take the first step to become a proud Embedded developer !!
Why Choose Us
We offer the best training in Embedded System programming and give you many reasons to join us:

  • We have industry level experts as faculties who are experts in the realm of programming.
  • Interactive sessions which create an environment conducive to learning not making it a one-way process.
  • In-depth explanations about concepts and 1:1 interaction with students.
  • full support even after completion of course also.
  • Work on technology and tools used by an industry expert.
Course Intro
Aim of this course is to -
  • Learn more about ARM and Cortex Microcontroller, its Architecture, instruction set and
    programming from our experts.
  • To provide an understanding of the essentials of an ARM and Cortex Architecture and Real-time operating system. What are the advantages? What is the trade offs? Hands-on exercises provide you with the necessary practical experience to go ahead and use a real-time operating system with your own embedded
    system after successfully completing this training.
  • The workshop is carefully crafted to fit in lots of practicals with a proper balance of
Course Duration
60 Hours.

• Sound knowledge of C programming language.
• Sound knowledge of 8051 Micro-controller Architecture.
• Sound knowledge of OS Concepts.

Target Audience
• Good C Programmers looking for low level drivers programming.
• Working Professionals working with 8bit / 16bit Micro-controllers.
• Students seeking career in Embedded Systems.
Fee, Schedule & Registration
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Course Outline

                                                                    Course Outline

1. Getting Started
2. ARM Introduction (ARM 7 , ARM 9)
3. Cortex Introduction (Cortex M0, M3, M4)
4. CAN Bus
5. RTOS (FreeRTOS, and Xenomai RTOS) 
6. Real Time Industry Projects 

NOTE : - This fully power packed course is must for those who are looking for job in Embedded domain, and want to become Embedded Developer.

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