You will learn the Concepts of C Programming, Embedded System, Embedded  C, Linux, Shell Scripting, IoT and Writing Device Driver for Linux.


You will deep dive into hidden C Secret, OS Internal, Kernel Architecture, and Device Driver. You will explore Architecture of Embedded Controllers etc.


Start writing complex C code, unfold Mysterious world of Linux and OS internal and start developing Linux code for I2C, SPI, PCI, and USB drivers etc.


Learn how to  develop code for multi-core Embedded system in real-time Environment. Understand the IoT Architecture and world of RTOS.


 Books Recommendations for you

Our Strengths

What should you look from us and why should you considering joining us?

100% Scratch Development

You will learn by coding. Not by reading PPT presentations.

End to End Learning

On stop to learn the basics of Linux Driver Development and all the way up to UI integration.

Continuous Support

Our journey does not end after the training. We support you beyond that.

Industry Sensors

Develop drivers for sensor used in the industry, hence adding value to your resume.

1:1 Interface with Instructor

One instructor for all your training, enhance your 1:1 interaction with the instructor.

Custom Breakout Boards

We build the break out boards to help your develop drivers and enhance your learning.

Our Offerings